Different Bet Types

Betting has various different type. Certainly there are high risks forms which can win you lots, and there are less risky ones which are less rewarding. Nothing beats market research to maximize your betting chances. Here is a gamut of bet types:

  1. Win Bets - probably the simplest form of betting, one can bet on something very definitive. For example, the bet is whether or not a certain team will win the game.
  2. Lay Bets - is the direct opposite of win bets. If you lay a team, you are betting that they will lose.
  3. Each Way Bets - is a bet where you put your money on two predictions - one for a player to win and one for the same player to nearly win. This type is most applicable to races and similar events where there are more than two contenders to bet on.
  4. Accumulator Bets - is the most complicated type of betting. It is where you can make a series of bets, where when a bet goes as planned, the stake plus the winnings from each element of the bet are put forward onto the next bet. In this bet type, some people manage to maneuver a very small stake to a large winning.

Before you make a bet, or choose the bet types, there are some things you have to consider first. One very important factor is to choose a team/player wisely. Check their track record. Get constant updates on the well-being of their players. Each aspect is important. In addition, another very important question you must ask yourself is how much you can afford to lose. While you may have got everything calculated well, there is still a chance that you're wrong.

You must also consider the odds highly when betting. It can vary depending on the bet types you are placing and on the team or player you are betting on. A team that has been doing well will elicit odds that aren't as good as a team that has been losing all season. Odds will also depend on the team you betted on are playing against. It also depends on the status of their players, specifically their star player. You will definite get better odds if you bet on black horses of the competition, and one must develop the talent of differentiating the black horse from the eventual loser.